WELCOME ABOARD the Neverending Ocean Cruise!

Welcome to the deep end,
Glad To Have You Here
...where we find shorter spaces between us.
-- Bobby Ocean

Friday, August 31, 2012



I'm proud of my All-California career as a disc jockey and broadcaster. I've met and worked with some of the best in the leagues; they have rubbed off on me and I am the better for it. So are my clients.

Mark Denis is one such luminary in my journal, a person with wa-a-ay too many wonderful things to itemize, and he's just going to have to satisfy himself with a bunch of sloppily written "I-love-you's." Each of us, over the years, and especially with the advent of social marketing online, has been watching each other of us grow, haven't we? We all saw the wrinkles begin to accumulate, and saw that they were kind warm creases, every one a smile in its own place.

We saw that but also saw far too many John Wayne movies to spontaneously burst into our natural emotional impressions. Cowboys never cried - not when I was learning all I could about them. No one can convey the deeply rooted disappointment I felt when learning that Texas wasn't like in the old west movies, every man with a pistol on his hip and every woman with a gradient of the color, ruby, on her lips. Bullets and gunfights, yeah, page one. Eyes brimming with tears, no. When saturated with sentiment, we're lovers not writers.

For this barbarian broadcaster, Mark was God's Puzzle Master, who found a missing piece of the riddle, and, once discovered, slid it into place. That's what good Program Directors did, once. When this one did, he put all my chaotic motion into a smoothly running specimen of harmony, then highlighted the footsteps that were backed by a higher purpose than imagined in my wanna-be-vagabond DJ life.