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Thursday, May 26, 2011



The United States Supreme Court just steered clear of a tie by one vote and rendered a decision to uphold an archaic Arizona law that, in the name of Justice and Fair Play, takes a clear stand on the Illegal Alien situation. The Law is the Law, no matter that it was passed during the Middle Ages, and punishment must be dealt.

One imagines for a moment the guy applying for the job as State Punisher. Must be able to numb remaining vestiges of human spark and swing 20 lb metal mace, hairy shoulders required.

In their limp stab at highest intelligence, our Supreme Court, in a vote that shouldn't have been close, decided to deal the punishment out to the very citizens of their own Nation (no matter that their nation's President objected). Maybe, because they own a brick and mortar address, they're just easier to locate and extract money.

Well, who ARE the Bad Guys supposed to BE, anyway? Somebody had to decide -- those with no money and no passport, or those with no money and a business.

Should be easy. The people who have entered our borders without the usual government agencies haven't played fair. Like the Big Banks and Wall Street cheats, they must be punished. So, to teach them a lesson, our representatives and legislators carefully chose to uphold a Rule, dragged out of the previous century --or perhaps before, I don't know, maybe it just sounds that decrepid.

This Rule is the State Punisher's Iron Spiked Ball-on-a-Chain. It punishes U.S. businesses. Right where it hurts, too, in the economy. "Shame on border crossers," says the United States S upreme Court! "We'll shoot our free market resources right in the foot, that oughta teach 'em! We're sending in The State Punisher to go after his fellow citizens, the same ones who have been paying for our health Insurance. Seems they had enough left over for hiring immigrants. Those people are not here in the US legally, and are very probably, desperate as well!"

Opponents of the law, including the Obama administration, argue that the old Arizona State law "steps on the traditional federal oversight over immigration matters." Uh, tradition? THAT'S what wa sstepped on.

Ultimately our businesses have to pay the price for Government Pecking Order?

What happened to "E Pluribus Unem?" Somehow, I don't think the guys making the rules at the top ever got around to learning the meaning of that inscription on the Statue Of Liberty, written in Latin.

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