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Sunday, June 5, 2011



My good friend, Charlie Van Dyke, (KIXL, KVIL, KLIF [Dallas]; CKLW [Detroit]; KFRC [San Francisco]; KGB [San Diego]; KHJ, KRTH [LA]; WLS [Chicago]; WRKO [Boston]; KOY, KTAR, KFYI, KGLQ [Phoenix]) another Pioneer of Truth, has opened the portal to a refreshing new online presence, Spirit And Word. It is a gathering place for souls who are searching beyond the perimeters set by organized religious practices for something more recognizably true, something less limited, something guilt-free, something beyond the old concepts of good and evil, as is the core of this post.

I write under the tab, "Beyond Religion."

It is said the one cause of evil in our world is human consciousness, unexamined. This happens when we are not present in each moment's awareness, instead "lost in thought."

No blame. We're wired that way, to compare and differentiate, for survival. Yet, we know there's more. Accepting only concepts of life, rather than living it, is such a small experience. It is like having a delicious meal set before you, then thinking about but never actually tasting it.

What a waste of taste buds.

We can change our "fate," break free and feel life's full explosive force if we choose. The way has been shown again and again. This mental structure is not the least bit permanent, while its witness is.

Look around at people; notice how many are lost.  You can see it in the eyes.

When we know this fact about ourselves - that we fall into unconscious repetitive opinion and belief patterns, listen to an inner narrative and take the words as our reality, that we follow patterns of emotional reaction and off-purpose thought over and over and, get caught up in mental movies, sleepwalk through most of the day - this knowledge is the first step.

Only the power of awareness will work in cleaning up this mess and clearing the path to percieving, and thus freeing, Real You.

Fortunately, it's already started. It always starts with Knowing.

Pure Self - You - are much deeper than the notions of curved space, retreating galaxies or apparent surfaces sensed by vision. Add to this, you are waking up. Beneath the mind-chatter of everyday existence, something akin to an earthquake has began the first movement in a powerful, consequential sequence, each motion designed to take you to a clearer perception of who you are and what you're doing here..

For example, just KNOWING you are following patterns informs the rest of you, deeper within, that those same patterns may also NOT be followed.

There is incredibly efficient action in the process of knowing, uninterrupted by thought. Knowing the nature of your situation immediately reveals that there is an awareness here inside that KNOWS you recognize it. While simple and pure, this initial certainty of knowing, before even understanding, is extremely powerful.

But, too many thoughts, and emotional reactions to those thoughts, go unchecked, accepted and digested as true. As they are not actual or real, the result is misunderstanding, desperation, failure and chaos.

Many, when hearing the term "intelligence," can accept its definition as "being clever." THIS is a classic instance of unexamined thought. Being clever has nothing to do at all with being intelligent.

Intelligence is able to perceive the larger whole, the sum of all parts, the connectedness. Cleverness is small, follows its own little impulses.

Negativity in any thought or plan is not intelligent. It stems from the ego, and while it may be clever, intelligence is nowhere there.

Intelligence is intuitive. Clever thinking is selfish.

Clever superficial ingenuity is driven by self-interest, and it is very short-sighted. Many politicians, experts and authorities are clever, but very few are intelligent. Whatever is gained through cleverness is temporal, over quickly and always turns out to be working against true self. One does not obtain anything through intelligence as much as truly"see" what is, and understand.

Cleverness separates into parts; intelligence unites.

This tendency toward cleverness arises from our mistaken identity with flesh and bones plus mind fabricatin rather that awareness-only of same, and dissolves immediately when you allow pure perception. When you KNOW these inclinations are happening to you. your light is introduced and what was previously darkened can clearly be seen.

The mere act of knowing these previously unexamined urges of mind and body are there, at once validates your Real Presence and is the beginning of the end of their alleged grip on you.

This process of knowing dissipates false self and clears the way to realize your Real Self, or Presence. There is nothing so powerful as your awareness of your Presence.

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