WELCOME ABOARD the Neverending Ocean Cruise!

Welcome to the deep end,
Glad To Have You Here
...where we find shorter spaces between us.
-- Bobby Ocean

Tuesday, June 21, 2011



There's a new baby gorilla at the world famous Storyteller Branch of Bill Youngs Amazing Texas based Audio/Video Emporium in Sugar Land. His Vanilla Gorilla section of the Media Zoo is all happy-faced and celebratory. Free bananas for all.

The newest arrival will be called "Bobby Ocean."

The Vanilla Gorilla compound announced very recenty that the blessed event earlier this month is the first gorilla addition in nearly 20 years.

In honor of the new arrival, all microphones are being cleaned and detailed. Fresh straw is being digitally installed.

Vanilla Zoo officials say the mother, 22-year-old Pacifica, a western gorilla, is taking excellent care of the new arrival, who is busily practicing inflections and phrasing into a pretend microphone which is actually a banana. They are attempting to inform the father, a proud male silverback named Kerouac. He's on the road.

While early reports list it as quite "heavy," Vanilla Keepers have not been able to weigh the baby as of yet, and, as it insists on wearing a Speedo Loincloth, the sex has not been determined. We think the answer is "yes."

Officials say, in addition to offering an ample stable of regular primates, the award winning Vanilla Park studios <http://www.vanillagorilla.com/facility.asp> were designed by the best technitions Dallas has to offer and include leading edge edit suites for audio, video, graphics, animation, and website design plus great new rubber tire swings. And, of course, now the Vanilla Gorilla Studios boasts the boldest and most diverse selection of voices from among its western speaking gorillas, a species listed as critically imaginative and inspiring. This is extremely effective and powerful Vanilla.

The Vanilla zoo experts say a newborn gorilla, such as Bobby Ocean, catches on quickly, grows quickly and can talk on its own, interpreting scripted material in a surprisingly short time. All orders for it's vocal services should be planned now, with the addition of easy-to-follow pronunciations for words in excess of three syllables.

The last birth of a gorilla at the Vanilla Gorilla Safari Park was in the previous century.

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