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Thursday, February 3, 2011


What a time warp treat! So many of my friends wish for Radio the way it USED to be, but I get to do it

How'd this happen?       

Well, first, it IS happening, so: Jot the times: Starting Sunday morning at 9AM on ReelRadio, and continuing for AN ENTIRE WEEK! Wow...  

Sorry for the overly excited mood, but - zap - there went nearly forty years. I'm feeling young and frisky.  And oh so retro, don'cha know...  

Lemme 'splain: I was, at one time, employed as a Disc Jockey. Liked  it so much I swam ferociously upstream toward Boss Jock craftsmanship. I would commute to my job, then play.  

I played all the songs you grew up with, that fit perfectly into and changed with your life's situations. I was the guy on the radio that put all the hits on the air that made your heart's beat thump happily, ticking like it belonged.

My "job" involved playing the most popular songs and artists of our world, enhancing the shared dream, making memories. I loved my job. Like others in my frequency, you could hear I was having fun.  

Unfortunately, it's all changed. Commercial Broadcast Radio, for the price they were asking, has gone to the dark side. The fun was lost and fear was the new currency.  

How could it be fun anymore? Great stations were sold to people who paid far too much for them and didn't know the business.  

New bosses - stupid people, lousy businessmen and, of course, not a one with a clue about entertainment (one fairly well-known programmer had to be taught the names of the Beatles, and this was 20 years ago) Adding to this chaos, these leaders are also terribly afraid

PLUS, losing large and feeling ugly. 

But, before this mess, it sure was fun once!  

Lucky for us, many of those good times were recorded on magnetic reel-to-reel tape, and are available to hear online where everyone can not only enjoy them, but share recordings from their own collections. ReelRadio.com has been making the internet populace smile broadly broadband in this manner for a decade and a half.  

To celebrate their 15 years, the Aircheck Channel is having an Anniversary Countdown Special, replaying forty of the hottest radio people and stations ever recorded. I'm Beside-Myself Excited because they chose me to act as the Special's host. And, for a solid block of calendar time, too - a week, the 6th through the 12th.  

Not only do I get to play again, but WITH the world's best DJs, Good Guys, Boss Jocks, invisible friends...  the best Sonic Souls that ever put headphones on their imaginations and cracked a mic.

So - that's my thrill on internet hill.  Starting this Sunday morning.

Tell yer maw, tell yer paw: Bobby Ocean in Motion -- ooh wah, ooh wah.

ONE WHOLE WEEK I'll be online hosting airchecks and hits at ReelRadio.com from nine AM, all day for seven days, the sixth thru the 12th!

Pass it on, and do not Bogart it.

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Anonymous said...

Bobby, thanks for so many good links! This is what I love most; good, quality radio with talent, not a bot picking the music & playing a voice track done in a faraway market. I like our songs and the way we presented them. We had an audience, you and I and many others like us. Know why? We gave them what they wanted to hear, presented in a way that spoke to each one of them. I was told just a minute before the first time I opened a mic to give a weather forecast: 'You are only speaking to one person. That person alone. Not all those people out there' then, success will be yours. And I never forgot that advice. Maybe that's why I had double-digit shares in Atlanta. Shame no one's hiring real talent these days. The conglomerates and the bots have won. But things will turn around. They have to. And I hope I'll be around to see it happen.