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Monday, February 14, 2011


Spin the wheel and see if it leads to fortune!

Lazy Little Money Maker!

Thousands of avid web users have discovered a free little gadget
-- the Google Wonder Wheel -- that, since its fairly recent
launch, has benefitted them in many more ways than just being a
free doodad on Google to play with.

Sure, it can show you how products and topics are related and by
how many degrees, separated. But it has this wonderous ability...

Oh, sure, sure, yes, look! It can help you find what's missing,
and more specifically than ever before, where you need to search
for it. Not only will it lead you to better define an idea or
subject, but perhaps give it more than literal meaning, a synonym
or less sought antonym, maybe.

I have been waitin for the wonder wheel all my life. It does
something... HUH? Why, yes, it DOES make Mind Mapping easier --
even fun. Might take that map to previously not thought of places.

But here is the button for which I have been looking - in every new
car or kitchen appliance I've purchased. You know, the one that you
can push that will then make all the payments.

Well, it's kinda like that. By simply putting in words and pushing
the wonder wheel button, it CAN help you make money!

People who are on line a lot see the value from their varied
perspective right away. Finally a gadget - a freebee at that -
that is rich in possibilities which it can benefit those using it.

The advertiser uses the wheel to discover what’s hot and related
to the product he advertises. He can make money from related
products and get more mileage out of his advertising budget.

Pretty hot feature for something Google just added at no cost to
its rapidly growing universe

Those responsible for the pages we see online, the webmasters
can increase their revenue by discovering related keywords they
wish to focus on while your tweaking their target niche.

The most efficient and effortless way online marketers achieve
success is to choose an area of attention and stay there,
developing focus on a main keyword or phrase which usually gets a
lot of guesses when searchers enter queries into constantly
traveling "spider" engines, crawling the web and looking for
relevent matches.

But it gets more dynamic than that. Additionally, there are other
keywords, that when carefully selected, coordinate with the
search, resulting in even more traffic. This flow is then
cunningly guided to the webmasters' sites, each page carefully
"optimized," arranged or rewriten to improve efficiency of
retrieval, and so convert more visitors to cash. From that POV, people
become "traffic." A common tenet is "Traffic equals Money," and they
never forget it.

Like the Web Master, the Data Manager saves some time and
money, even makes herself and her company a little more by
using the Google Wonder wheel for data mining on ongoing
projects like Mind Mapping.

Just plain users are exploring relevant corresponsing results with the
wonder wheel related to the original keyword searched for. Whether
for a term paper, a research being done, or just about anything
else costly, time eating research is cut down considerably with
this simple, wonderous spiked wheel of associated word kin.

So, yay Google. With the WonderWheel's "Search" icon, they came up
with the results for my search for the perfect button.

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