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Monday, February 7, 2011

Our World, As A Crumbcake

Soon we can truly say we live in a Digital Age.

It becomes our reality with each passing moment. Remember, this world of ours, as we think we know it, is always moving. (BTW, that's a possible reason the pictures you take of the world can come out blurry.)

As a rule of thumb, the very same thumb I text with, I prefer to ADD the new thing to my Bag Of Endless Possibilities, and would have voted inclusive, but paper makers are slacking off.

The unstable quality of paper today helps ramp up the pace towards an exclusively All-Digital world. Paper isn't made the same ways it always was, which turns out to mean its strength and durability has gone way down. It's been reported that stuff printed on it will probably biodegrade within 25 - 35 years. Better bave a backup data CD or thumb drive of those Family getaways.

I can easily see the Sci-Fi B Horror Movies getting a good run from the fear generated by this natural fact of decelerating motion, or decaying molecular orbits.

Pulp filled Libraries, once bastions against ignorance, fallen into the hands of evil developers and paper mache crafters. No one cares because they are now literally plugged into the Matrix on high bandwidth, thanks for asking.

Then, come the aliens from across space, who, seeing our dependence on electricity to make digital go, eliminate it. Pow, the populace suffers. Three generatins later, our brightest cave dwellers find a way to make ancient digital devices go again with pond scum and ponder a thumb drive, labeled "Backup Data, Family." and this is just the first four minutes...

Here's REALITY 25 years ago: According to the massive Bobby Ocean Folders of Facts, nearly half the books in the New York Public Library were reported to be crumbling away, while there are books printed in the Middle Ages that have endured a thousand years, and counting.

And, THAT explains why I have all VO scripts delivered in papyrus...

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