WELCOME ABOARD the Neverending Ocean Cruise!

Welcome to the deep end,
Glad To Have You Here
...where we find shorter spaces between us.
-- Bobby Ocean

Thursday, February 10, 2011


You've heard it before ... you recognize it. From long ago. Went something like this..

"Wake up little Enn Joy, there is much to realize.

You are one with Life itself, still pulsing with Divine Rhythm, one with Being.

Take shape, and you are always smaller or larger to others. Take credit and receive stress. Give, instead of take, and you have infinite possibilities.

Don't give 'stuff,' Enn, give 'you.' What part of you? Be still and listen. You'll know what You wants of you when you get back to where you left your whence. It's on the side of your bed, right between Sound Asleep and "Zzz-zz - huh!? I don't know who I am."

There was a numbed over moment of terror there, remember Enn? Where you figured you had to BE more or DO more in order to be worth something. That was a mind thought, a mental scribble, a fantasy and not you or who you are. You are worth something without doing or being any more than you are.

And, believe me, you're not THAT easy to define.

Wake up, my heart's Enn, there is much to see.

You can look at those notions and Fear Vampires as orphan flower-a-likes or weeds, but, either way, they are NOT YOU, Ennie, only inclinations. They're unable to live in the Now like you do so Joyfully, so always try to lure you away.

Wake and know, in your actual essence, you are, naturally unlimited, neither fearful nor needing to control, but loving and soaring in the wondrous experience of Being free, as therein lies your Boundless Turf, Bean of Joy.

While Self Confidence and Modesty seem, as ideas, to conflict, witnessed as unlabeled, not data, they are self evident as same. YOU get that, Enn. As a result of that comprehension, you know honest Self-Honor and genuine Meekness are one and the same.

And you my little Enn Joy, you are my darling."

[Names have been changed to protect the numbed-over feelings occasionally arising in a zombie with whom you may carpool.]

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