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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The Language is called Videos, and is spoken online by posting them.

Team Ocean: Wudaguy and Deb Webb
This term, "Social Media Marketing" has only recently found its way into our lexicon. The practice has been with us for years, but the actual phrase has only been accepted by the mass of onliners for a half a year or so.

Social Media is all our jumpspots online like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and the ongoing spinoffs. There are so many relatives crowding in now - LinkedIn, Orcut, MySpace, WordPress, Blogger (you're here) and tons more.

There are so many more ways to connect - videos, pod casts blogs... and everyone wants theirs to be noticed.

That's where I come in. At Bobby Ocean All Media and Promotion (www.FrontPageSocialMarketing.com) I tie them all together and introduce strategies for garnering even more eyes and ears to hear your message. If money is involved and making a profit is part of your online plan, my team has so many different ways to get your online presence noticed, then turn that attention into leads and customers, it's actually overwhelming.

We're careful to only promise we'll do our best. And our best has lead to increased profits and more customers. It's a real win-win chain of events, if ever there was one, because the whole thing works! Automatically.

And it seems there are new social models being introduced every half hour. I do my best to stay on top of the changes, an impossible task. but, having joined similar like-minded wizards in this field, so that I, with my "geek groups (read: heros of national economy) am as informed as any human being can be, and can turn that knowledge into practical uses for my clients without their having to fill out one form. My team is trained to do all the work.

My natural strength is in short, compelling informative videos, such as this. I have been involved in broadcasting for nearly half a century and storytelling, with all its styles, rhythms and colors, is a natural move, first creating the story, then layering in the various audio and video elements.

Just now, I've added Social Media Marketers to my list of clients. I want their videos to be perfect.

I'll blog and video more on this amazing process here on Bobby Ocean Views and Perspectives as we continue spinning through space at 12 miles per second, and just wanted to take this brief time to explain where I've been and what I've been up to, as I sometime disappear into the learning process.

Every day, in every way, it really feels more and more like one big online family.

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