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Saturday, March 26, 2011


The Fill(osophy) Of Being Empty While Surfing Life

Pardon me for saying, but - looking at you, it would be impossible to manufacture anything coming close to your magnificence.

I know, flattery will get me nowhere. Good. That is my destination: Now, Here.

Looking at ourselves in a reflection, a photo, our own mind's eye, we see a shape, but we cannot see what is inside that form, making it move. Fact is, we are made up of both Form and Essence.

Some think we know all about form and essence. We don't. Some say they know about one or the other and want to know the rest, yet know nothing but the echoes of hearsay. Others think they know a little about this form we assume, and its invisible energizing force. But, thinking we know is merely thinking. THINKING does nothing more than revolve around past impressions, and so, in fact, thinkers do not actually know anything beyond their own collection of thoughts. They are living in stale tales, shades of the Past.

In the words of Shakespeare, "a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." Sounds like TV news...

Realizing this drives some to distraction, their minds screaming to know who and what we are, how did we get here and why we are here. Yet, strangely, the answers to these questions are not what they really want to know.

Right about here is where I get a lot of responses that sound like: "Are you nuts? How can you tell what I'm thinking? Of course I want to know who I am and what I am doing here!"

Then, I will agree.

"You agree? Then, why did you say I didn't want to know?"

I didn't. I said THINKING can only take you so far.

Simply, you DO want to KNOW. AND There is a vast difference in our consciousness between THINKING we want to know something and the actual KNOWING of things as they are - as both the 'somethings' they appear to be plus the more they are beyond thought.

Thinking is way different from knowing. Two completely different practices. And, you obscure that clarity of your perception with clouds of THINKING. So do we all; so do I.

When looking closely at the mental proces. we may observe the mind, which is a Thought and Emotion Processor in our employ, but going in its own direction with intent to verify its position and form as real. Thinking that it thinks it wants to know, the mind appears to align with you, when, in fact it is perpetuating the myth of duality, or separation. And, as thinking is a completely different process than knowing, the mind reaches its border right then and there and immediately assumes there is no more.

So, you DO want to KNOW, and you also want to learn to cease thinking so much. It gets in the way.

Because there is more. This so-called "end" is actually a crossover perimeter leading to infinitely more, just beyond the comfort of logic.

Mostly, the mental process with its unfounded assumptions, remains unexamined as "too ethereal," as nothing that can be measured, while we turn our attention away from essence to form. Too bad for those who stop at this border. They miss their biggest enlightenment, shunting continued success and prosperity.

But give it a second try. Turn around and look again at that border you have known all your life, the end of reason. That false ending, immediately assumed after encountering that primal signpost of Divinity: "I am," cannot be left without review. That is where we made our first wrong turn.

The Big Misconception says, "I am ...not enough." In that way, it compels the thinker towards the impossible task of being more than she is, falsely motivates him into inappropriate behavior, and leads all of us into ever more false notions. When you shine your light of attention on this falsehood, however, it dissipates. You will feel the liberation instantly. THAT is real.

When one can be OK with being unlimited, that is, with not knowing who or what to label self, there comes immense freedom from the mind's matrix. USING thought rather than being hounded by it, we find ourselves more alive than ever, unfettered by restrictions imposed by cranial content, conceptual positions, states of mind, emotional charges and all other mental fluff. Vision is unclouded, not restricted to eyes alone and flows in and out as pure light.

So who are you? That is your life's mission, yours to discover by constantly stripping away what you KNOW you are not. Take your time and enjoy the lightening.

And - who is the one spouting all this psych-babble, who am I? In essence, as I am a Being, not a Been, I don't know. Probably never will, And, I'm OK with that. It's more than enough to know what I am not.

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deb said...

wow. . . . clearly you have been thinking about Being without thought and you Know what what it is we all do want to Know . . . and admit we probably never will and in fact you do not - satisfied Knowing just what you are Not.