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Friday, March 18, 2011


 We Each Have More Than One Helping Hand

I have been fortunate to have made the aquaintance of a few remarkable, powerful women in my ongoing personal saga. Last blog, I shared leslie with you and suggested you add her as a resource.

It's always good to surround yourself with people who understand enough to make things happen in this world. When you do that, you lift your spiritual metabolism or vibratory rate to match theirs and wonderful things begin to happen.

That "Good Vibes" tenet is still around for a good reason. It's the old "What Goes Out, Returns Routine" and it's working all the time, especially noticeable with quality of energy. We always want to be exporting positive, constructive helpful energies, not only because it says so in the Girl Scout Manuals, but because that same quality of energy will be coming right back to us.

And, why women? Why not? I really like women. Especially those who have determined to aim their independent spark at helping their fellow Tweeps (that's Twitter Talk for peeps, or people; thank you Haley Hill HO!), who is another fun blast of refreshing energy.

This time I'm happy to share a woman who comes from the heart and simultaneously arrives ready for action. Her name is Vivian Glyck and I met her recently as she had returned once again, from Uganda.

Vivian goes to places in the world where people appear to be beyond hope, ignites their inner spark, patches them up and establishes them in self sustaining local commerce. What she does is remarkable, has worth that can be tracked and yet is immeasurable and makes some compelling video.

There are more than one of those watch-and-feel-good videos in the web site to which I'm sending you. 'Twatch' and become 'twinspired.'

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Vivian said...

Hey Bobby,

Thanks so much for your kind words. Very much appreciate the blog comment and link back to http://JustLikeMyChild.org.

stay in touch!