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Monday, March 14, 2011

Bobby Ocean Opens His RESOURCE FILE:

A good friend of mine, Leslie Kossoff, Internationally renowned writer, speaker, serial entrepreneur and confidential advisor to executives and entrepreneurs, has just done all of us who want to make money a favor.

I'm happy to point out your new, free developmental resource site, called "Obtuse Angles," which has been put together by one of our planets' top executive and corporate strategists - one of the good guys making money, not the greedy fear mongering type at all. Leslie is always refreshingly honest and powerful.

I met Leslie when I was riding through my "Ocean's Last Stand" afternoon DJ shift in San Francisco at finally-corporate infused KFRC. I was having problems getting the basic entertainment principles through to the CBS suits, a tough task because they were ALL fixated on looking good to their higher up (then, Mel Karmazen) whose gospel was "cut costs."

She liked the station and music and was a fan saying hello. But I sensed more. I was right.

Turns out she was (and is) an most important figure in our society's economical circles, and who, for decades, has assisted clients ranging from Fortune 50s to start-ups, a broad range of small and mid-sized firms in the United States, Japan and Europe. And a regular person, too. Regular, as in wonderful.

Leslie Kossoff has been leading seminars for MAJOR players, straightening out their decrepit value systems, replacing their old, decayed thinking with new, innovative turns on wisely formulated ideas.

She has written books on her money making and organizational studies and is held in very high respect by many of the world's most powerful money people. And she ceaselessly touts values, integrity and forward thinking. If it can be said we have an ally in this economy, she is that.

She helped me understand the corporate mind and prepare for a meeting with Higher Ups by stripping my Boss Jock attitude and replacing it with corporate cool. I left a paper trail in that one meeting, full of her ideas and mine for moving forward in today's radio economy that is still circulating today.

Leslie says, "For many reasons, for many years, there has been a consistent decrease in corporate investment in training, development and succession.  Add the problems with the educational system...and we’re left with a well-intentioned but mostly unprepared group of next generation executives and entrepreneurs."

"That’s not okay with me.  Neither for them nor for our organizations – whether they’re churches, charities, start-ups, SMBs or multi-nationals.  I don’t care what sector they’re in or if their status is non-, not-for-, benefit- or for-profit corporations."

So, with the intention of offering assistance to those who aspire to succeed – just as the top level executives and entrepreneurs with whom she has worked over the years, she has created - for you - Obtuse Angles

Leslie goes on, "It is my hope that, because you know me and what I bring to the table, you’ll let your network know that this resource to help them create their own success now exists.  I neither need nor want to know who they are. Obtuse Angles is my gift to a world that has given me so much."
Wow, what a gift! Enjoy it in good financial health!

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