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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Behind The Obscene

The so-called "Buffett Rule," proposed first by President Obama last year, was created to ensure that people making more than $1 million each year pay a little more of their share of income taxes than middle-class households who make less.

To make the point indelible, Buffett's own secretary attended the State of the Union address in January. The point being made is incapable of being missed. She goes on record saying she pays a higher effective tax rate than her boss, who is a billionaire

"Middle-class families shouldn't pay higher taxes than millionaires and billionaires. That's pretty straightforward," Obama said just six months ago.

Putting Obama's budget forward in the last few weeks, the administration, made clear that they are not expecting to initiate the Buffett Rule at this time. They're using it alright, but to help as a guiding principle to use in planning for that time Congress again takes up the task of tax reform.

So far, only one Republican has taken Buffett up on his offer. In a letter to him, Buffett said he would be happy to match all donations. Rep. Scott Rigell of Virginia. Rigell gave 15% of his salary to the Treasury in 2011, and stated his plans to do so again in 2012.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, one of Mitt Romney's most popular and visible surrogates, frequently mentioned as a possible 2012 running mate for the Republican party's eventual nominee, opened his mouth in front of the recording Press and let the elephant out of the bag, entering into public record what may turn out to be the GOP's covert Battle Cry. It's right up there with "let them eat cake."

His words should become the catch phrase of the rich and greedy, the ones who give wealth a bad name, those disillusioned, psychologically broken, empty souls who cannot, and will never, get enough. He spelled out clearly the typical Big Business/No heart Corporate policy in every business they operate in this land Of The Free.

Forget about "Have a nice day," fellow American drones. Christie just came up with the mantra of the multimillionaires: "...just write a check and shut up..."


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