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Welcome to the deep end,
Glad To Have You Here
...where we find shorter spaces between us.
-- Bobby Ocean

Saturday, March 17, 2012

In A Bhagavadgita Bag

Lessons Of Arjuna

 A Sacred Schedule
 From Now on when
 I declare for thee,
 Oh, best of men.

Differing times
For Men of the Rule,
For Sinner and Saint,
And Neighborhood Fool.

There is a Time of Fire
And a Time of Light
There is a Time of Smoke
And another of Night,

The Waning Moon
Bids Man return;
Then, Waxing soon,
Loses that concern.

Six months during
Sun's Northern Course,
Men Of The Rule
Return to Source.

But must come back
To tame his horse
Through six months of
Sun's Southern Course.

World Light, World Dark.
For one, a rack;
Another, an Ark
To Never Sail Back.

Beware Times of Smoke,
And also of Night.
Behold The Time of Fire,
And The Time of Light.

Feel that weight -
Such a heavy load -
Become weightless, in
My Supreme Abode.

Recall, I Am,
All life, Amen.
Utter Om,
Oh, best of men.

Within, at peace,
No tomorrows
No inconsistent
World of sorrows.

Grace from within,
By heart only, heard.
Namaste is,
More than a word.

Loving, all ways.
Beyond casting.
Always knowing,

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