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Monday, March 26, 2012


Blowing The Whistle On "They" vs We The People

Whistlestop began serving Marin County with specialized services including transportation nearly 45 years ago. Now high roller developers want to destroy all that.

Whistlestop serves residents with special transportation needs in Marin County, and individuals traveling to or through Marin from the surrounding counties of San Francisco, Sonoma, and Contra Costa.

Whistletop’s Jackson CafĂ©, across from the bus depot in central San Rafael, is a collaboration with Homeward Bound of Marin’s Fresh Starts Culinary Academy. Meals are prepared by Fresh Starts culinary students and served by Whistlestop volunteers every day. So many people depend on this nourishment.

Whistlestop is able to provide over 400 trips a day to those unable to use public transportation, providing a lifeline and help for our clients in maintaining their independence.

Special interests are planning on taking away our Whistlestop in San Rafael. But we can stop them. Here's some ammunition to keep handy as you read on: <http://www.eminentdomainlaw.net/propertyguide.php?gclid=CLSLt7P5hK8CFQJ9hwodk3rI5A>
That's the California Eminent Domain Law Handbook. You have the law on your side.

The so-called SMART TRAIN (http://smartriders.wordpress.com/2011/12/14/131/) tells anyone who will listen that it is "under attack by a small group of individuals that are attempting to kill...the whole project forever."

Not true. It's a large group. mostly older citizens the Smarties think they can push around. If you use the Whistlestop you have been sued. Did you know that? Smart Train Higher Ups think their scheme is bigger and more beautiful than a few old codgers. They're sitting anxiously at their bulldozers.

One reason local residents cast their "NO" vote on this 70 mile train scam MIGHT be because the Smart train folk have no finalized plan and are making it all up as they go.
They have no money and intend to be subsidized to the point of billions from the Fed.

While they tout "transportation choices for our aging population," they plan to take over San Rafael's popular Whistlestop building, used for decades by that very same population for all manner of activities and affordable lunches.  Smart Train gangsters are playing their trump card right off the starting line. They state Right of Eminent Domain <http://www.eminentdomainlaw.net/propertyguide.php?gclid=CJfI7ND3hK8CFakERQodZgwI3A>, the most misused and biggest bullying tactic ever misused by developers. They plan to tear down the beautiful and historic Whistlestop and pave it over for parking. Screw the old folk. Let 'em eat cake.

Those who do the dirty work of grabbing anothers property for the government are appropriately called Condemners. Public Condemners are governmental entities with the power of eminent domain, the power to take private property for public purposes. 

Is there any hope? If so, what do you have to do?

You DO want the Whistlestop to continue serving its enormous following, and therefore you must do something. You will need to file what they call "an answer."  If you don’t, the amount deposited by the land grabbers will be deemed to be "just compensation," and you will not be entitled to ask for  more. 

Depending on the specific Condemner that sued you, you may have up to 12 months or as little as 120 days to take action. It is important to begin immediately, now.

Additionally there is a very powerful step to take. In spite of the answer deadline, you may ask the court to disburse the deposit immediately.  North Carolina eminent domain attorneys call this, “drawing down the deposit”.  If you don’t draw down the deposit, the money stays with the Clerk of Court until a judgment is entered in your case. No good, that.

Get the Handbook (http://www.eminentdomainlaw.net/propertyguide.php?gclid=CLSLt7P5hK8CFQJ9hwodk3rI5A) and acquaint yourself with what's happening to you and your community, San Rafael. Don't let them shove something down your throat like it was Afghanistan.

You can win this fight. You are democracy.


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