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Friday, April 6, 2012



A Free Citizen is unobstructed in choice, supported by a nation of We The People. Choice is our collective, selected national pride and pass time.

Freedom means we can answer the phone or not, free to make our own choices. I know more people than I expected who have no phone at all and are doing fine. Freedom allows that phones can even be turned off, or set to silent. It's an individual choice, one of many a Free Citizen may encounter.

Free member of Our Democratic Society, right? As in - cannot be forced to do anything against her will. Each state has laws protecting this freedom, ensuring this wonderful sovereignty, liberty.

She is "We the People" just as surely as you and I are. We are they, are her, is he, is you, are me and we are all together.

Together in freedom.

The government should not be able to and cannot force her to buy health insurance. Or Burial insurance, as has been considered very recently. Uh huh, our legislators have actually been talking about it, can you believe it?

Freedom means we, as U.S. Citizens, are Not REQUIRED to purchase a cell phone (and, really, the legislators have been seriously debating this issue, too, as if there aren't enough conspiracy theories and thriller movies rendering Big brother snooping ubiquitous.)

But this isn't a movie. This is the most essential ingredient of our life, freedom. Life is about reacquiring the full freedom of our Creator's intention. We, within our own psychology, have eaten away at this magnificent gift, hobbling ourselves. We cannot allow our governing public servants to further erode this precious gift, our liberty.

We are free, thus under no pressure to know what's coming up on the ballot much less take a stance on something like the Affordable Care Act. At the same time, we are at liberty to choose to learn more if and where we want. We are also free to choose WHEN we choose, or not, or both.

U.S. Supreme Court member, Associate Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, author of the Affordable Care Act, had a question regarding freedom this week. He asked, during Tuesday’s oral arguments surrounding the constitutionality of President Barack Obama’s signature legislative achievement, Affordable Care, “Can you create commerce in order to regulate it?”

He was speaking of an individual mandate within the package, a provision of the legislation requiring almost every uninsured American to purchase health insurance or pay a penalty.

The penalty is aimed at you, should you not comply. You DO have money for insurance, right? The penalty is intended to be ascribed to those who do not purchase an insurance plan under the mandate has been written, of course, as a tax. This falls well within Congress’s authority, the government has argued, even if the Court rejects the mandate under the commerce clause. Opponent fiercely disagree saying congress, that band of felons, has no such authority at all.

The opponents of the legislation comprise 26 states, the National Federation of Independent Business (an association of small businesses), and "several individuals," who have countered that this payment constitutes a penalty, not a tax. Well, duh. Right they are.

When Justice Anthony M. Kennedy spoke, his meaning came through. It seems he's skeptical that something like personal freedom can be regulated, legislated, and against people being  herded. “[W]hen you are changing the relation of the individual to the government in this… unique way,” he went on record, “do you not have a heavy burden of justification to show authorization under the Constitution?”

It would be quite heavy if it existed. There is no justification for enslaving your fellow being, None.

    Justice Clarence Thomas maintained his usual silence. As supportive of liberty as body hair on a can of soda.
    Justice Antonin G. Scalia defended BigBro corp. as if this constituent betrayal was that upon which all his mortgages depended. It could be said that he hates you personally.
    Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli Jr. presided in a lopsided manner, framing all questions in the government’s favor, never than tackling them head on. He doesn't care a fig about you, your spouse or your kids. He's in it for himself.

For the record, there IS NO relation between you and the government. We The People means we, you and I ARE the government. This doesn't mean we must go out and requisition a tank; just be well aware of it. U.S. Supreme Court member, Associate Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, works for you, me and your whole town, us...we. He's on our side. He's practically alone in that den of scoundrels and jackals.

But there are many reading now who, heart-fully back this gallant man. We are called Opponents To Freedom Thieves.

Opponents to encroachments on our freedom, who have argued that by requiring free citizens to purchase insurance under the threat of a penalty, further say Congress has gone way overboard, far beyond the nasty portrayal of self interest and cut throat thievery of cable TV's lowest human denominator, Deadwood (I might mention Shameless but that a comedy; this is a democracy horror tale), betrayed our nation and breached its powers under the Constitution’s commerce clause by forcing people to enter into commerce.

I am now in one of the initial processes of our nations primal freedom, the vote. This means gathering signatures for upcoming ballot measures, informing and registering people in my vicinity to vote . . . standing right on the sidewalk in front of the grocery store and confronting our fellow citizens with their constitutional right to choose,  cold-call fashion.

I  do it because that's your silver bullet for these vampires, your vote.

Your Power Of Freedom: use it or lose it. Register to vote; then, vote. If you have moved since your last registration, or changed your name or residence since you last voted, register to vote. If I see you during the next few months, I will ask you if you're registered to vote in your county, and if not, be happy to sign you up for Your Power Of Freedom.


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